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Importance of Ending Daylight Savings

Daylight saving time mostly referred to summer time or daylight davings time in the UK, refers to a particular period pf time in the summer and spring when people spring forward an hour so as to make the day extend the natural daylight hours and the rest time of the year is known as standard time when people get back to the normal hours of the day. Not all parts of the world practise this switching or extension of time but just a few of the parts. Most people get into this practice just for the fun of it or because other people are doing it and rarely understand that extending of daylight time is very important. This article will focus on some of the advantages of end daylight savings from this site.
One of the advantages of switching time is that evenings become longer and there is an extra hour of sunlight because of the shifting of clock. It is good for longer evenings because people are able to spend more time doing recreational activities and also stay outdoors for a longer period of time. People in the United States usually extended the daylight period mostly during the Halloween period some few years back. This enabled the trick or treaters to have more time outside and enjoy themselves more in the daylight.
Longer daylight hours are good because they provide and promote safety. When the day is longer things become safer to engage in like driving becomes safer and this reduces the number of car accidents or even the number of pedestrians who are hit by cars lowers. Other things like robberies drop very much because most street crimes happen during the night and if the daylight is more than the crimes do not happen much as they do during the standard time. Joggers, children playing, people taking dogs outside find it easier and safe during this end daylight savings. Be sure to read more here!
Another advantage is that daylight saving is good for the economy. This is because more daylight hours will enable people to engage in more economic activities. After work people are able to get an extra time to do shopping which is an advantage to retailers, more people driving which increases gas sale, snacks are bought in plenty among others. The consumers spend much money during these periods of time compared to the standard time and this highly boosts the economy. You can also watch this video at for more facts about daylight saving.